Feel free to check out my Tapestry Include component. This component is intended to provide basic functionality of a server-side include.
You may download the source code here.
To start using this component immediately, follow these steps:
  • 1. Download the zipped .jar file here and add the .jar file to your application classpath.
  • 2. Copy and paste this line into your Tapestry .application file:
    <library id="boxity" specification-path="/com/boxity/components/boxity.library"/>

  • 3. Insert a line like this into your page:
    <span jwcid="@boxity:Include" uri="http://www.domain.com/pagetoinsert.html" />

There are a couple of caveats you should keep in mind when using this component:
  • The page you are Including should ideally not include any <html> or <body> tags, since the Include component will blindly insert everything it finds. The target Include page should be created with the intention of being inserted into another page.
  • The target Include URI should point to a text source, since again it will blindly insert whatever content it finds. If the URI resolves to a binary object such an image, the raw (binary) data will be happily inserted into your page.

Hopefully you will find this component useful.

Shawn Church